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What to Know Before Hiring Car Accident Lawyer in Ithaca?

You will never know how it is when you are in an accident until it occurs but luckily most people know what they need to do. If you are inexperienced, there are a few things you need to know besides what you learned in driving school. They taught you the basics but there can be numerous situations that require a different approach.

Everything from the moment it happens and before will matter and most important if there are any witnesses. Hiring the right lawyer can mean a lot in serious cases where it is a lot of money involved or something more dangerous like the prison. If you don’t make that decision, someone else could and potentially make a case against you. Click here to read more.

Type of Accident

People that look up the information about this type of topic were already in a collision or similar situation so they end up needing an attorney. Some cases can be really complex like in multi-vehicle collision that also has many types including chain reaction, interstate, pile-up, T-bone, Head-on and rear-end. The reasons can be multiple like speeding, following too closely, construction zones and bad weather conditions.

A more important thing for you is to determine who is guilty. When we have complex situations, it may be difficult to accuse only one person unless it is really clear and if you have video evidence. There are a few factors that will be considered in the court like witness statements, electronic data, information that was recorded, location of damages, road and weather conditions and if the drivers were violating any laws.

Why is the Witness so Important?

The reason why you should know this is that you have to take the information from the observer including their name and number so they can testify. Many people forget to do this and they end up without a witness that could turn the case into your interest. The court is counting on them to have an objective perspective on the accident so their statement is very powerful.

This situation can also work against you so it is crucial to know when you can question their credibility. When they are credible, there’s no doubt that their statements will carry a lot of weight. There are also a few factors that can impact their credibility including whether they had an interest in the outcome, they have a criminal record, caught lying about anything related, consistency of the statements and their character.

When something like this happens you should focus mainly on your health and safety. If it isn’t something major and you can talk to the people around you, try to document what bystanders have to say. Always ask for permission before you start to record. How you act towards them can help a lot in the case so try to be polite and don’t argue. You shouldn’t start blaming anyone or try to intimidate them and this will help your lawyer a lot.

Prepare Yourself and the Lawyer

If you did your homework and got everything prepared including the testimony and the documentation, it’s everything on your attorney to study and see what can be done. A professional will always try to see it for themselves, visit the location and check your car for damages. It will help them realize if someone is lying. They need to be available if the case is serious so make sure you can contact them at any time you like. Get more information here:

Another great tip is to let them do their job because many people are just too interested and can slow down the investigation. They know that a lot can be on the line and they understand the problem so let them build a case and they will call you if your help is needed. Remember that a big role will have the insurance company so prepare the paperwork.

First Meeting with the Lawyer

When you prepare everything for the meeting, you need to check if they are the best choice for you. You don’t want someone that is less mentally prepared for the case than you are. If you are hiring a firm, you need to know who will work on the case. Great lawyers are always busy with more important cases so they won’t be able to help you, instead, they will let their assistance do the job.

The last step would be to negotiate the price for their work. In some cases, this will be mentioned when it is all over but can be a mistake because they can end up with a lot more than expected. The main question would be if they charge a contingency fee or hourly rate. Also, check if they included everything in the bill.

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